After Effects - How to Sync Animations to Music

There are a lot of tutorials on how to sync animations to specific points in audio. Unfortunately many of them rely on scrubbing the audio layer in After Effects and showcase the various ways you can do that.


Well, RockerRusty cut his multimedia teeth on Macromedia Flash! He developed a method in Flash to quickly mark where animations should start and stop and has converted that process to Adobe Premiere Pro and, Adobe After Effects. Yeah, it took two applications. But through our detailed process of investigation, analytics, and satisfied customer surveys (only the satisfied ones... dissatisfied customer surveys take too long to delete all the expletives), we have definitively proven this way is the simplest and fastest.

If I wasn't RockerRusty I'd say that guy was about as cool as cool can be. But since I am that guy, I'll wait patiently for you to stroke my ego for me. Because THIS.... THIS is some cool time-saving stuff right here that gets you back to rocking out!

I'm waiting...

Rusty Worden

Rusty is an award-winning pioneer in designing media for CD-ROM (what's that?), smart devices (before they were called smart devices), and the web. Even the once-ubiquitous Macromedia Flash Video Player was his playground as he worked with Macromedia to Beta test it's evolutionary solution that, in part, helped launch YouTube. While he has been story-telling his entire professional career, he's steadfastly refused to seek work outside of the corporate environment. Instead, he enjoys learning about new technology and innovation as he works to craft compelling stories designed to achieve the intended outcomes of the project. Rusty founded Simply Interactive (a media creative services company based out of San Francisco, CA), and quickly grew it to self-sustaining levels before opting to focus on his family and move to North Carolina. Rusty and his wife, Desirae, decided in 2010 that his career at Cisco as a Manager of Learning and Development was not creative enough and began to set the stage for RockerDown Studios, a name chosen because it was Rusty's own nickname. RockerDown has shown impressive growth for a small company without investors and Rusty continues to lead RockerDown with a singleness of focus that our real job is to make the person who hired us look good to the people that matter to them. "I honestly believe that when people meet us and our passion for what we do shines through, that opens the door. But when our clients experience how we work with them... how we make our primary focus about helping them succeed... that keeps the door open, and creates RockerDown fans that promote us everywhere they go. We don't market publicly. all of our growth stems from great relationships." - Rusty Worden