How to Restore the Original Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

Watch our Quick Hit video or scroll on down for simple steps. 

Restoring Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

We've all gone a few steps further than we should have as it comes to editing audio. The truth is, most of us started working with video, not because we gave two cares one way or another about audio, only to learn very quickly one of my personal mantras.

If you have a great video but poor audio, you actually have a poor video.
— Rusty Worden, Circa 2002

Once in a while we need to get back to basics, but once you've edited the audio in Audition or some other application, how do we start from scratch again? Once again, our frustration is your gain as we share this simple, Rocktastic method for restoring the original audio in an Adobe Premiere Pro sequence.

The simple steps sans video for the peeps like me who want to get in and get out.

Steps to Replacing Edited Audio with the Source Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Place your playhead over the clip that needs it's original audio back
    • This steps identifies the audio clip associated with the video clip. You do not need to select anything in your sequence timeline, just have the playhead in the right area.
  2. Press "X"
    • This "Marks" the clip by setting in and out points for the clip the playhead is touching. X marks the spot
  3. Press "F"
    • This is super cool and has far reaching uses outside of this narrow focus. This matches the frame of the clip in the sequence with the source clip, while also showing the source clip, and the exact same frame the playhead is on in the viewer. I'm sorry, but whoever thought of this needs a medal of awesomeness
  4. Press the "," (comma), to overwrite the clip in question, and now, this is where some Automagic awesome happens, the playhead is now immediately at the end of the clip you just overwrote, meaning, if you have a whole bunch of clips in a sequence which need their audio back, you can simply press "XF," repeatedly and quickly in order to keep moving down your timeline. Automagically! You know, after you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome it won't seem as magical, but hey, don't blame me.

Rusty Worden

Rusty is an award-winning pioneer in designing media for CD-ROM (what's that?), smart devices (before they were called smart devices), and the web. Even the once-ubiquitous Macromedia Flash Video Player was his playground as he worked with Macromedia to Beta test it's evolutionary solution that, in part, helped launch YouTube. While he has been story-telling his entire professional career, he's steadfastly refused to seek work outside of the corporate environment. Instead, he enjoys learning about new technology and innovation as he works to craft compelling stories designed to achieve the intended outcomes of the project. Rusty founded Simply Interactive (a media creative services company based out of San Francisco, CA), and quickly grew it to self-sustaining levels before opting to focus on his family and move to North Carolina. Rusty and his wife, Desirae, decided in 2010 that his career at Cisco as a Manager of Learning and Development was not creative enough and began to set the stage for RockerDown Studios, a name chosen because it was Rusty's own nickname. RockerDown has shown impressive growth for a small company without investors and Rusty continues to lead RockerDown with a singleness of focus that our real job is to make the person who hired us look good to the people that matter to them. "I honestly believe that when people meet us and our passion for what we do shines through, that opens the door. But when our clients experience how we work with them... how we make our primary focus about helping them succeed... that keeps the door open, and creates RockerDown fans that promote us everywhere they go. We don't market publicly. all of our growth stems from great relationships." - Rusty Worden