Professional Learning, Development, and Rich Multimedia Rock-Stars

How We Rock
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Video Production

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Performance Consulting

Let us know your business goals so we can Rock your learning programs and meet those objectives within your budget. We will always push the envelope and find the right fit for a project that will rock your stakeholders socks off.

Project Management

Want to outsource that? We can help. Our project managers are Rocktastic! We have experience managing multiple, high-dollar/high-impact programs for very large organizations at some of the most well known brands out there today.

Instructional Design and Development

RockerDown’s instructional designers and developers are experienced in all methodologies, however, we tend to follow both ADDIE and SCIPAB for our design and development processes.

Multimedia, Photography, and Video

RockerDown designs and develops all media resources in-house at our state of the art production studio in Cary, North Carolina. Our photography and video production studio is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The crew at RockerDown Studios are the epitome of creativity and professionalism when it comes to all things video, photography, and multi-media design. When in need, they are the ones I will always call.

—Hillary B. - American Express