Platinum Award - Lenovo Build to Order Servers

Here we are again - with an award-winning collaboration


Platinum Award-winning video entry @ AVA Awards for a Product Marketing Video

We were thrilled when Lenovo approached us to help with a video like this. In the corporate space, we do get the opportunity for some creativity, but this was special.

Client: Lenovo

Project: Build to Order Servers

Goal: The intended outcome of this project was to build awareness in a new process for product fulfillment that rapidly decreased time-to-delivery for Inside Sales as-well-as Lenovo's impressive army of Sales Partners.  This new model allows for distribution centers to house base-level products, and also the parts needed to configure to customer specifications, all right here in the United States. As Lenovo continues to improve it's North America footprint, they are making investments in these customer-value-adding initiatives while continuing to promote Sales Partners in the sales process, and now Distribution Partners in the fulfillment process.

The Ask: Lenovo initially came to us with a concept for one video. The idea was very creative and got our gears spinning as it was clear there was an overriding desire to leverage this video as a marketing tool to bring awareness.

The Solution: We decided to pitch to Lenovo a series of 3 videos instead of one. The reason we did that was not entirely selfish. The fact is from our experience a single video is not sufficient in penetrating a target audience already marketed to in various ways. One video is simple to miss. Three videos, however, each one building on the other, is a little tougher to ignore. Particularly when they are promoted with verbiage like "get product to your customer faster". 

Additionally, we decided to suggest an alternative approach that fits with RockerDown's alternative personality, and our proven philosophy on marketing. We proposed this stop-motion style with product photography to match it's rough-around-the-edges vibe. This approach was new to Lenovo, yet interestingly fits well within the Lenovo brand as well as the corporate personality and culture.

As always, any creative endeavor is of this nature is always a collaboration between our clients and us. We would not have been able to do this without great synergy with the project manager, her peers, and superiors who bravely let us try something fresh.