Cortana and REACHit

The Clients - Lenovo and Microsoft

Lenovo contacted us while canvassing for proposals on this product launch video set to coincide with TechWorld, a Lenovo tech-convention set in beijing just 4 weeks away. Lenovo was releasing REACHit, which augments Cortana capabilities in dramatic ways. Microsoft was about to release the long-awaited Cortana, the personal digital assistant, which, at the time, put Siri to shame for not thinking of it herself.

The Challenges

We received approval to move ahead a mere three weeks before go live and we were responsible for all aspects of it's content, design, production, planning, and execution. Within the next week we'd worked with the project manager to script and storyboard the shoot, all while RockerDown also handled:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Model acquisition
  • Set and location planning
    • A photography studio (yep, we used our own)
    • A home setting (our President had recently purchased a new home the kids and dogs hadn't demolished yet)
    • A bar (this was tougher, but with a company filled with photographers always looking for places to shoot, it became much simpler)
  • Resource management
    • Videographers
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Director
    • Assistant Director
    • and Mrs. RockerDown who kept us all fed and laughing


Hey Cortana, where are the photos I showed Tim last week?

Lenovo and  Microsoft have partnered exclusively to combine REACHit and Cortana for Windows 10 to help Cortana understand what you're looking for on a much deeper level. So you can say things like, "Hey Cortana, where are the photos I showed Tim last week? 

RACHit breaks it down into very simple concepts. What type of file it is. When it was. Who you were with.

This makes it possible for Cortana to search using just what you remember about your content even if you remember the file name

Thanks everyone! I will see you all at the after party.

Hey Cortana, find the cover layout I worked on at Starbucks.

Using just those few details Cortana and REACHit can search through hundreds... thousands of files all at once. Across cloud storage accounts, files attached to emails, And any Lenovo device running Windows 10.

REACHit lets Cortana search across all these locations and then Cortana brings you back the best results all in one place!

I can't thank you guys enough for all the incredible work you did. It was awesome.

Well, do we get to see the final product or not?

Hey Cortana! Show me the final cover from earlier today.

REACHit makes Cortana EVEN smarter and more personal on your Lenovo device. Cortana understands you. REACHit knows how you use your content. So you can search for things like you are talking to a co-worker. Even if you don't remember the file name, or where you saved your file.

You can find what you're looking for much much faster been ever before so you can spend less time searching amd more time doing what you're trying to do.

Hey Cortana!


Rusty Worden

Rusty is an award-winning pioneer in designing media for CD-ROM (what's that?), smart devices (before they were called smart devices), and the web. Even the once-ubiquitous Macromedia Flash Video Player was his playground as he worked with Macromedia to Beta test it's evolutionary solution that, in part, helped launch YouTube. While he has been story-telling his entire professional career, he's steadfastly refused to seek work outside of the corporate environment. Instead, he enjoys learning about new technology and innovation as he works to craft compelling stories designed to achieve the intended outcomes of the project. Rusty founded Simply Interactive (a media creative services company based out of San Francisco, CA), and quickly grew it to self-sustaining levels before opting to focus on his family and move to North Carolina. Rusty and his wife, Desirae, decided in 2010 that his career at Cisco as a Manager of Learning and Development was not creative enough and began to set the stage for RockerDown Studios, a name chosen because it was Rusty's own nickname. RockerDown has shown impressive growth for a small company without investors and Rusty continues to lead RockerDown with a singleness of focus that our real job is to make the person who hired us look good to the people that matter to them. "I honestly believe that when people meet us and our passion for what we do shines through, that opens the door. But when our clients experience how we work with them... how we make our primary focus about helping them succeed... that keeps the door open, and creates RockerDown fans that promote us everywhere they go. We don't market publicly. all of our growth stems from great relationships." - Rusty Worden