We are visionary dreamers with storytelling in our blood. You may be used to "those creative types" who always seem to have a hard time meeting deadlines or even hearing and implementing feedback. That's not us. We finish what we start, when we said we would, and the way you want it done. Let's work together!

End-to-End Video Production

We tell your story the way it needs to be told to the audience you are targeting in ways that allow us to focus on the right message. Leveraging the SCIPAB methodology of guiding audiences from having no information to logical conclusions.

This project was a run and gun situation where we planned, wrote, storyboarded, staffed, and edited the finished product all within 2 short weeks.

  • Situation: What is the situation (eg. it's bad now ... world stats, environment)
  • Complication: What complicates the situation (eg. Why it's getting worse or can't get better on it's own... the human needs that complication to understand their role in the action below)
  • Implication What is the implication of S,C (eg. human pain, company not doing well, person not making as much money as they could, etc... someone has to do something about it)
  • Position What is our Position on S, C, I (eg. There is a better way --- our way ... we have done something or need your help doing something, this product solves the problem)
  • Action What is the Action to take as a response (eg. we have an opportunity, and the time is now ... for you)
  • Benefit What are the key benefits of taking action (eg. in audience terms, here is how you gain your meaningful ROI)

Video Animation and Compositing

We've had a lot of opportunity to work on productions with high-profile public figures, but we have to admit this one was one of the most fun. As is typical with many of our clients, time was of an urgent nature and RockerDown stepped up to the task and handled it well. For this project we actually had 17 different videos and, due to the nature of adhering to the NFL, as-well-as, the football players brand, there were lots of eyes on this. This one, however, is our favorite, because it shows the real players behind the helmets.

We are masters at taking your footage and turning it into something amazing. We are able to do this because of our storytelling natures, our sincere desire to understand what you are trying to achieve, and the need to understand who your audience is. We use those three cornerstones to build a comprehensive strategy and flow to guide the viewer where we need them to go. And it's all done with you in mind. We make you look mmmm good!