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Scripting and Storyboarding


Scripting and Storyboarding

We love what we do because we never stop learning. The investigation, the interviews, the understanding of business objectives, intended outcomes, who we're communicating to and what we want to happen when we're done all combine into a unique role, as we get to be the ones to execute on the product that brings it all to life. Our process is simple. Change through story-telling. our methodolgy for story-telling is so unique and so proven that it just works. We absolutely love this process from beginning to end.

Plan, Produce, Resource Acquisition, Location Management, Lighting, Sound, Direct

Few of our clients have ever worked on a video production before, and that is OK. We will take ownership of as much or as little of the production as you need, all while taking the time to educate you along the path. Our primary goal at RockerDown is to make you look good to the people who matter to you. This partnership offers a unique opportunity for both of us. We are able to bring you up in both knowledge and notoriety. That way you are set for future success, all while surpassing expectations. Bring us with you. Let's make this Rocktastic!

Video Production From Start to Finish

A lot of creatives fall into that "Low Complete" category. Not us. In order to make you that Rocktastic success story, we have several strategies in place we employ on all our projects. Each strategy is designed to improve, impress, shock, amaze, stun. If you aren't a banner-waving fan of RockerDown when we're done, we haven't done our job well.

All of that is accomplished while still being on time, within budget, and stunningly within reach of all our clients.

Corporate Photography

  • Commercial
  • Events
  • Headshots
  • Products

Live Video Streaming. So Long WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Yes. It really is here now. It's one of the most economically relevant way to reach audiences, get direct interaction, and establish a real relationship with your audience.

True to our nature, we are on the bleeding edge of a new way to really engage. To connect directly with your geographically dispersed employees, your customers, your channel partners, your business partners. We have planned and produced live, broadcast-quality shows as well as major events at stadiums and coliseums. Let's discuss this as an option for your company soon.