Our number one goal is to make the people who hired us look like Rock*Stars to the people who hired them. 

RockerDown Studios opened it's doors in 2010. Admittedly, it was a bedroom door converted to a cramped, desk and computer-filled office.

And, continuing that truthful approach, we weren't ready to open the door. Our LLC status was not confirmed, our website was not built, business cards were still being designed. Stuffed in that small office, it is still up for debate whether or not deoderant had been applied yet too.

But, we landed our first enterprise customer before we'd even had a chance to enter into a formal marketing plan and execution. Since that time, RockerDown has consistently been able to Market itself by not marketing at all. Word of mouth and the massive army of past relationships have prevailed and opportunities continue to come through our door. All while maintaining a rather impressive list of enterprise clients who are all repeat customers.

We are very humbled, and also proud that our work, the way we treat people, and our desire to achieve our number one goal have resulted in a level of success that has to date meant we've not had to spend a single dollar on marketing.

Rusty Worden - President, RockerDown Studios LLC

Rusty Worden - President, RockerDown Studios LLC

Rusty Worden started RockerDown Studios after a 14 year career as a multimedia developer at the top networking company the world has ever seen. His experience as a content developer, media designer and developer, as well has from his roles creative team manager, he wanted to start a company that could cast off some of the politics that occasionally are introduced with collaborative projects, particularly when vendors are brought into the effort.

His concept was a simple, faith-based approach. Rather than focusing on what we want to do, we are encouraged, pushed, prodded, and reminded incessantly to discover exactly how we can make the person who hired rockerdown look good to the people who hired them. To not focus on our own goals and instead trust that by focusing on our customer goals, our goals will be realized.